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(AT LEAST) ‪#‎30daysofrandomfoodwriting‬ – DAY 1

We finally left the house for a brisk afternoon walk to the Fillmore on New Year’s Day. I offhandedly suggested a visit to JANE, the often busy coffee shop with … Continue reading

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Keeping It Simple, Keeping It Light – Salad & Pasta Brightened with Lemons!

Kale-and-Avocado Salad (with Dates) and Bucatini with Cauliflower, Capers, and Lemon. Both brightened by the vibrant flavor of fresh squeezed lemon juice, seasoned simply with coarse salt and fresh, cracked pepper, and assisted with plenty of shaved parmesan to taste.

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Free Solo Indian Quickie

Chickpeas – Indian style.
No ropes (recipe), fast and free.

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Ridiculous Ramen

This is about ramen.
Instant ramen.
Ridiculously non-sensical ramen.
But, I will have it no other way.

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What Does My Relationship Look Like? – Part 1

What Does My Relationship Look Like? – Part 1 When I moved into the University of Maryland Leonardtown apartments back in 1999 (?!?!), I would always cook late at night and … Continue reading

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Living the Questions

Tough Question, Long Answer: I had my 3rd official day on the job today.  I’m working for Andro’s Rostilj, a food-conscious (and people-conscious) company that specializes in catering corporate lunches … Continue reading

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A New Beginning

When This All Started: The original intention of this blog was primarily to keep a personal food/beer&wine/cooking journal that I could access anywhere, anytime.  I got tired of sifting through … Continue reading

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