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Throw away that sour mix – NOW!!

Seriously?  I cringe inside whenever I see friends ordering amaretto, Midori or whiskey sours at the bar.  $7+ for a drink that could at least require the time it takes to squeeze some fresh citrus.  Call me snobby if you want.  I just like my drinks fresh and flavorful. Once you taste the difference between a real “sour” drink and the kind made with the all-too-ubiquitous sweet’n’sour bar mix, you’ll know what I mean.

Do yourself a favor and learn to make some simple syrup and keep it on hand at all times.  Also, buy lemons and limes in bulk and throw ’em in the fridge.  Check out this simple whiskey sour recipe, courtesy of the Onion Goggles blog:

Since I’m currently on this dark liquor kick, I found this to be a simple pleasure using fresh ingredients and some good ol’ whiskey.  Feel free to substitute Scotch or even grapefruit juice – I do! =)


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