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It’s my Wine in a BOX!!

Hmmm… I guess my blog needs to be able to read post titles out loud for this particular one to work.

If you haven’t figured it out already, this post is about boxed wine.  Not that cheap Franzia crap from back in your college days, but a growing trend towards providing larger amounts of decent to quality wine that lasts way longer than a few days.  It just so happens to be a pretty economical deal as well.

I can’t say I have too much experience with boxed wines – YET.  However, I have read that boxed wines last for a few months since the bag dispensing system prevents the wine from being touched by air and preventing oxidation.  Unopened boxed wine does have a shorter shelf life than bottled wines, but if you buy one of these bad boys, my guess is that you’re using/drinking it a lot and right away! =)

I purchased my first boxed wine recently at Costco because 1) I cook with white wine a lot, 2) I drink a lot of wine WITH the food I cook and  3) bottled wine in Canada is generally way more expensive than back home in the States.  On average, the cheapest bottle you can find here is no less than $9.  When I was living in California, you could get some pretty solid stuff at Trader Joe’s for just $3 or $4 (not to mention the infamous $2 Buck Chuck!).  One thing I should point out is that many wine bottles here come in 1L sizes as well, and these run for about $10+.

The box of white wine I bought is called Wallaroo Trail, from Australia.  At 13% alc/Vol and 4L in size this $35 box isn’t too bad.  It definitely does the trick.  It’s dry enough for cooking, but palatable enough for some easy, casual drinking.

The side description on the box says it’s ideal with white meats, seafood, grilled fish and soft/mild cheese.  I tried it with my broiled tilapia and some leftover pork tenderloin that Arnel made and it was quite agreeable.

The pouring mechanism is drip-free and the skinniness of the box allows it to store very easily in the fridge, ready for quick and simple access! =)

I’m not sure if they import this brand or particular box in the States, but if they do, it’s not a bad deal.  I imagine if you find it over there, it will be much cheaper.  Regardless, boxed wines are definitely the economical way to go for those who drink and cook with wine regularly.  For me, I got more than 5 regular-sized bottles’ worth for about $7 each.  Most boxes I have seen back home are 3L in size, so this comes to 4 regular-sized bottles.

Here’s a link to some top boxed wines from Epicurious.


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