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Not-so-healthy-nor-fancy “Fancy Tilapia”

If you have a few simple ingredients laying around (like I often do), you can pretty much make anything taste better than/different from how you might normally cook it.

Typically, I keep individually wrapped, frozen tilapia in my freezer because it is easy to defrost and broil quickly within approx. 4 minutes.  I’ll often marinate it in a soy, ginger, sesame mixture for about 5 minutes beforehand, but all in all, it’s quite a cinch.

Having recently purchased 4 packages of bacon at a pretty good price at Costco, I decided to see what I could do with it in combination with my tilapia.

I found this recipe and realized I had every ingredient except scallions and figured, ‘Why not try it out?!’  I mean, c’mon, it also calls for white wine: no brainer right there!! =)

Since this recipe involves frying and bacon grease, it’s not really quite healthy, but it’s guaranteed to have flavor.  I recommend watching the filets closely since it can cook quite fast.  Remember that even after you remove the fish from the heat source it will still continue to cook.  PLUS, since you will be returning the filets to the pan once the sauce is made, you don’t want to risk having chewy, rubbery fish.

Although I substituted cilantro for scallions (simply due to lacking the latter), I wouldn’t quite recommend this.  As it is very possible to imagine this recipe done with shrimp instead, green onion would definitely taste better in this combination.
We ended up just eating the tilapia with some leftover veggie lasagna, but brown rice or some kind of quinoa or pilaf would be nice to offset the greasiness of the bacon.


If I like a recipe enough, I try to redo it – either impromptu/on-the-fly, or with some minor changes.  This time around, I used a few more mushrooms, added some SPINACH =) and left out the extra olive oil and the cilantro I tried last time.  I used a tad more bacon grease once I put the mushrooms, garlic and bacon in with the wine and lemon juice.  Lastly, I only put S&P on one side of the fish and dusted a little cayenne on there as well.  EXCELLENT!
Btw, half a lemon is plenty of juice; in fact, it may be a bit too much if you’re not a big fan of sour.


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