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Over a year later – *sigh*

Many thanks to the WordPress blog, Food with a Pinch of Love, for giving me some guidance as to how to prepare Pani Puri – a popular Indian street food – since the packaged “kit” I bought had no directions on it whatsoever.  Also, thanks to the very nice lady working at the little grocery that I bought it from.  At the checkout, she reminded me that I needed some potato and chickpeas. =)

When I was traveling around India at the end of 2010, this was my most memorable chaat AND also, the first one I tried during a rest stop en route to Pune (my first 2-week teaching stint in the subcontinent).  Shout out to my assistant and friend during half of my travels, SANTOSH KAPDI,

with whom I shared many pani puris almost every day or chance we had.  He got me addicted to these things.  I love and miss you, brother!!

Well, folks, there isn’t really much to report here.  If you can get your hands on some little puris (the hollow semolina balls pictured here) and some masala for the pani (spicy water) – check out a South Asian market, perhaps? – then you’re pretty much good to go!  Mash up some potato, season with salt and chili powder and then add chickpeas and/or mung beans.  Some recipes include different kinds of chutneys, but I don’t find it necessary.

Ahhhh… well over a year since I’ve had these little addictive snacks.  I would love the pani to be EVEN SPICIER (as I often remember it being!), but this definitely satisfied nonetheless.  After buying the kit from the grocery, I raved about it so much and was as giddy as a kid coming home with a new toy.  Don’t underestimate this simple-looking, deliciously spicy snack…  Luckily my roommate found it to be as good as I claimed.  haha!


Just found this dude – AWESOME!! =)
Make “pani” from scratch!


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