Writing about what feeds me.

Chickpeas, please.

Came home from teaching class today and decided to throw together a second batch of pani puris and accompany that with a quick-fast chana masala.

I used MDH brand Chana Masala mix, canned chickpeas, yellow onion and a medium roma tomato.

Since I was not cooking dry chickpeas, I skipped the soaking overnight step and adjusted the amount of water added by about a three-quarters to a half of what is asked for.   I also did not cook covered for 20-40 minutes.  This was pretty easy, but I know cooking dry chickpeas is better than using canned (which has salt), so next time I’m doing this whole thang from SCRATCH!

Nevertheless, the taste was quite good and I even added some to the stuffing for my golgappas (aka puris).

Next time….

UPDATE (03.21.12):
I’ve yet to try this from scratch, but here are pics from my second attempt making this.

One small note:  I think I added a bit more baking powder (not soda – since I didn’t have the former) this time and it resulted it a slightly more sour taste.  Regardless, this tasted great – once again – with my pani puris.


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