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When you’re lended a Blender (Mixed Berry and Beet Smoothie)

Not too long ago I was making soup almost every week: butternut squash and split pea, for example.  I’ve never owned an immersion blender (birthday wish list?), so I usually just pour the soup in batches into a blender and puree it for smoothness.

Well, since then I haven’t used the blender at all and have been feenin’ for some serious smoothie action.  Why’ve I been procrastinating?  What have I been waiting for exactly?  This recipe and its accompanying photo I guess: Mixed Berry and Beet Smoothie!  =)

I’ve never cooked with beets before, so this excites me even more.


I finally tried this recipe out and I’m excited to say that it is just as delightful as I predicted.  Yes.  I said, “delightful”.

The only slight modifications I made were that I used coconut “extract” from a can, maple syrup (twice the amount of honey required) because that’s what Canadians do, and I used muesli instead of granola.

Arnel is a beet fan, so it tasted fine to him.  For me, I wouldn’t mind a liiiiittle bit less beet flavor.  Otherwise this smoothie is fantastic and I will certainly be making it again (tomorrow!).



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