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Friday Abstinence = Amazing Seafood + Vegetable Dishes

I’m loving the Lenten season even more because it gives Arnel and I a chance to get really creative on Fridays (since we can’t eat meat).   A few weeks ago, for example, he made this incredible maple salmon!

Well, another Friday of abstinence arrives and out of my head pops up another resourceful idea using ingredients – namely, frozen tilapia – we already have in our kitchen.  Plain and simple: this is by far my (new) favorite way to make tilapia.  So long as I have a blender and some simple ingredients, this meal is happily in my tummy in almost no time at all.

In this first trial run, I paired the fish with some brown rice and sauteed kale and mushrooms, cooked in garlic, chili flakes and white wine (as I almost always do with my veggies).

Although I referenced two different recipes found via Google, it was the one that asked for white wine and more garlic that I naturally gravitated towards (haha).  The other one looks great too, so I might try it some time as I am sure it will have a bit of a different flavor.  Plus, I am looking to remove any unnecessary sodium by way of ingredients like soy sauce.

* Half of a large jalapeno is just as good; use more, obviously, for more kick!
* A full cup of cilantro won’t hurt, nor change the taste much.  If anything, it will just thicken the chutney a little.
* Try adding some lime juice next time?



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