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Green Machine – Arugula Piña Colada Smoothie & Avocado Banana Smoothie

Thank God for the Skody’s and their generosity!  This family has been so nice to us the entire time we’ve been here in Montreal, but seriously… their neglected blender is probably one of the best “gifts” ever!

I made the Arugula Piña Colada smoothie pretty much exactly as it is described in the NY Times article, except I made two servings together.  This one is much easier to drink than the Berry Beet smoothie I made earlier last week.  I want to try using various kinds of coconut “milk” products for a different (and healthier) taste.  If my pineapple was sweeter that would have been nice.  The arugula gives a “nutty” taste that is quite distinct and welcoming.

I give this smoothie 3.5 stars.

Now, I’ve had an Avocado-Banana smoothie before, but nothing like this one.
The recipe calls for an apple and some leafy greens.  I didn’t have an apple, so I  substituted for the sugar that it would have provided by spooning in a few Tbls of lemon juice/maple/brown sugar mix that I’ve had on hand since the night I baked pineapple.  With no spinach on hand, I threw in about a cup (1/2 cup per serving) of chopped beet leaves.

I ended up adding a few ice cubes later so that it would be cold, but this sort of diluted the smoothie a bit.  Therefore, in the future,  I would recommend using possibly half the required amount of water and some ice cubes.  This smoothie, packed with greens and dairy-free, is smooth, creamy and quite filling.

I give it a whole 4 stars!



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