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Baking Pineapple: Solo & Cake Style

After my sister and I went to a 4-star restaurant for DC Restaurant Week last year, we were turned on to the wonders of grilled (or, any form of cooking) pineapple.  I ordered it as the last course from an outstanding prix fixe menu.  When presented to me, all I saw was a simple, slightly seared pineapple ring laying in some kind of lightly caramelized sauce.  While unassuming in appearance, this dessert’s taste was completely unexpected!  Sweet and with the hint of baked goodness, I couldn’t believe it was just a piece of fruit and not an actual pineapple-flavored cake…

Enough of this damn story!
Here’s the recipe.

– We bought a pre-cut pineapple cylinder, which didn’t yield the sweetest fruit per se; plus the middle section was a little tough.
– Next time I would consider sprinkling some brown sugar directly onto the pineapple before baking OR, let the fruit soak in the lemon juice mixture.
– In lieu of honey, of course we used maple syrup.  There was SO much of the lemon juice mixture leftover, this ended up being a wonderful topping for vanilla ice cream and fresh fruit.  I also used a few spoonfuls in my smoothies to add a touch of sweetness. =)
– Try whiskey or rum in the juice mixture next time!
– If you have it a la mode like we did, pour some of the lemon juice mixture on top – HAMAZING!
– While this was rather quick and easy, it was a cheap shortcut to the incomparable…

Score!!  This came to fruition so simply.  I bought a fresh pineapple, cut that bad boy up and decided, “Let’s make a cake!!”

With a few available ingredients I was able to throw this together and have it done within an hour (total approx. prep and cook time).

There’s a lot of butter and sugar in this, so be forewarned.  Then again, this IS dessert…

Oh yeah – you should be sure the bottom of your oven is covered with foil (unlike how ours, pictured below, wasn’t) or you’ll have a smokey kitchen and house in no time.

You’re supposed to use a cast iron skillet as indicated in the recipe, but I simply transferred the caramelized sauce to a rather small-ish baking dish.  The only down side to this was that the middle didn’t cook as well due to it being too high.  Regardless, the rest of the cake was great!  BTW, I used Sortilege (Canadian Maple Whiskey) instead of rum.  YUM!

Some variations on spice include cinnamon (which I used in place of cardamom) and you can add vanilla too.
A pinch of nutmeg or powdered ginger might be nice as well.



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