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Indecision Results in Revision (Red Lentil & Chickpea Soup)

I already know this post is going to require a follow-up.   Which is good.  I like it when I realize almost immediately what can be done to improve on something I’ve just made.

After finding a recipe for RED LENTIL & CHICKPEA SOUP, I was a bit torn because I’d been meaning to use a Chana Dal masala pre-mix of spices with my bag of red lentils.  Improvising as always, I decided to use the masala (which has salt included, as well as over ten different spices) in lieu of  the cumin seeds and chili flakes required by the former recipe.

I blended the soup after allowing it to cool a little, but probably for far too long.  I would prefer next time to only hit the blend button with a few quick bursts, yielding a thicker, coarser soup.

All in all, what resulted was a fairly decent, flavorful soup, but the spices were far too overwhelming to enjoy in large quantity or as seconds (or possibly even leftovers).  I am definitely convinced this time to try to do the soup recipe exactly as prescribed, i.e. with cumin seeds and chili flakes.  Then, I will also try to make the dal exactly as directed on the pre-mixed masala spice box.

– When you try the soup recipe exactly as is, instead of greek yogurt, try a little swirl of cashew/almond cream (or real cream, if you must).
– Be sure to have more chickpeas next time – at least half of a large can.
– Blend far less or just buy a damn immersion blender already!
– You could even try to combine other vegetables in this as well: cauliflower, carrots, zucchini perhaps?



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