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Virgin Adventures With Kohlrabi

Purchase some KOHLRABI at the Adonis grocery over a week ago…
Finally tried it out after seeing this recipe.
I put some of it in my curry mashup (aka the leftovers from my lentil and chickpea soup + pork and massive array of vegetables), but ended up eating most of it on its own.

It tastes like broccoli that wants to be a potato… almost.
I think just dicing it and roasting it with olive oil and some sea salt is perfect.  I love it!

Although I did I find a recipe for KOHLRABI CURRY and am definitely interested in this next time. =)



2 comments on “Virgin Adventures With Kohlrabi

  1. Lee-Anne
    April 29, 2012

    I bought a kohlrabi once and didn’t know what to do with it other than make a coleslaw with carrots and mayo… Looking forward to buying my second kohlrabi and roasitng it in olive oil!

    • jnontanovan
      May 1, 2012

      oooO! Kohlrabi slaw sounds good too! Thanks for that suggestion. =)

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