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How I Celebrated “Cinq Mai” (aka Cinco de Mayo) in Canadia

Saturday was absolutely BEAUTIFUL here in Montreal.
The sun was shining so bright and flowing throughout the house.
We made our first trip to the local Adonis grocery (so exciting!),
had bbq accompanied by some Tequila-esque drinks, and ended the evening
by watching incredible dance battles at the 9th annual Bust-A-Move street dance event.

I just had to share some photos from that afternoon – all food-related of course!

Remind me to take the veggies out of the bags next time before snapping a pic!

Please tell me why these beers are filled to different levels.  Let’s not even get into the fact that this is a THREE-pack (?!?!).


– Garlic paté
Not bad.  Definitely like the garlic taste, but not the strong aroma permeating the entire fridge as a result.
Has the texture and (almost) the taste of liverwurst.  Could be worse, I guess?

– Foie gras de canard entier
Way too overpriced, but I just had to get it.  A lot of fat pockets in this one.  Not quite as smoother ones I’ve had from France, understandably.  I still enjoyed this.

– Brie
Typical, cheap and on sale from Adonis.  No high expectations here.  Almost too mild to have any lingering taste.
Not complaining though because I will probably continue to purchase this “economy” brie for weeks to come.

– “Skinny Girl” Margarita (pre-mixed)
At about $15.95 per bottle, this was totally an attempt at value shopping.  Alcohol is expensive here in Canada, so instead of forking over $20+ (each) for tequila & triple sec (knowing me, I can’t do anything other than GM or Cointreau) and then making simple syrup and fresh-squeezing lime juice.  The experience was less than pleasant.   There was a harsh, unnecessary “bite” to the drink.  I was also disappointed to see that sugar was added on top of the agave nectar (“oh la la”) that it boasts on the bottle’s label.  It still served its purpose on Cinq Mai.

– Desperados
A “tequila-laced” beer/malt beverage originating from France, Desperados leans a little towards the sweet side.  I could do without that, but the added tequila strength is more than welcome to me!  All in all, not a terrible beer creation.  The jury is not out yet as to whether adding a lime to the drink enhances the flavor or not.


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