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More Pizza Variations (This time with Sweet Potato & Kale!)

I’d been waiting to do this homemade pizza version for awhile.  So, once I discovered the insta-“magic” of Naan bread pizza, I knew it was on and poppin with this recipe.

– The roasted onion and sweet potato were delightful.  Yes, delightful, I said!  I decided from here on out that roasting them and just eating them alone would be an amazing side dish from here on out.  On top of the pizza, they were very nice as well.

– As you can see from the pics, the kale got pretty crispy and overcooked.  That is why I used the “before” pic for the this blog post’s featured image. haha  Note to self: obviously, cook for less time!

– The real Winner in this dish is the chopped ROSEMARY.  Wow, I cannot emphasize enough how fragrant and wonderful this ingredient is.  And to think I thought it was only good for stuffing birds at Thanksgiving time!

* By the way, this was red kale that I got as a gift from my dearest friends, Joan and Caroline Schrag.  Thank you!!

* I don’t know why, but I imagine putting bbq-ed chicken (including some bbq sauce perhaps) on this pizza would be pretty freakin fantastic.

* Try a mix of other cheeses instead of mozzarella next time, e.g. monterey jack, smoked gouda, cheddar.
NOTES from 12.08.12:
– Use a sharper knife to cut thinner slices of sweet potato.  Also try using a smaller sweet potato so that the slices are not as big.
– Chop kale into smaller pieces, especially for pizzas the size of naan or pita bread.
– That’s right, yes, this is just as good on pita bread.
– Place the pizza directly on the oven rack (with tray or foil underneath to catch any potentials drips).  This helps prevent the pizza from being too soft or soggy on the bottom.
– You can combine the hummus/fresh garlic combo to this recipe for dynamite results!


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