Writing about what feeds me.

This is TERRIBLE (Grilled Cheese Mutations…that taste good!)

Late nights get my mind racing like Dr. Frankenstein, thirsting for a new creation to come to life using whatever I can find laying around the kitchen.  This particular night I bought a loaf of sliced, 14-grain (sugar-free) bread and proceeded to make the following grilled cheese sandwich.

That’s not mac’n’cheese; it’s yellow bell peppers and tomato.
The green is kale. =)

Cheesy goodness boosted with hummus, accompanied by all beef hot dogs (lol)


I would disclose the full “recipe”, but I have plans to improve and revamp this ridiculously “grotesque”, yet tasty indulgence.  Next time we’re up late imbibing together, ask me to throw one of these bad boys together.  It will be my pleasure! =)


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