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Beers You Need To Drink Right Now

** This post to be amended, but for now…

Since returning to the Old Town Market in Kensington in June, I have become somewhat of a “specialist” in the beer/wine
section of the store.  I enjoy, support and can talk about the product; therefore I make it a point to sample as many as I can to help expand my knowledge as well as my palate.

Here are some seasonal beers that I have literally tried in the past week and a half and can solidly recommend.  Each will appeal to different palates, so take my recommendations with a grain of salt and know that whatever beer that YOU like is a good beer.

image courtesy of Beer Advocat

Leinenkugel’s Summer Wheat
an easy-drinking, citrusy beer

This one surprised me.  We carry the  brewery’s regular amber offering at my shop,
but I’ve never had it before.  When I spotted this beer offered as a single at the open-till-12midnight-every-day beer/wine store in Bethesda, I gave it a try.  No lie, I poured it into a plastic cup and started drinking it pretty fast (won’t get into why) and it’s brightness and effervescence really grabbed me right away.  As you can imagine, this “witbier”  has quite a bit of competition against it, especially with Blue Moon and ShockTop dominating the market.  Honestly, I’m kind of tired of those latter two anyways, so for a light summery ale (now or next year), I would grab this from the fridge at Gilly’s in Rockville while it’s still available.
New Belgium’s Red Hoptober
a crisp, moderately hoppy Fall seasonal beer

As described on the bottle itself, this one is perfect for the transitional time of year between Summer and Fall.  It’s still a tad warm outside and the evenings are cooling down.  As a result, I like a beer that is still refreshing, but will “warm” my palate with some toasted notes and a handful of hops.

Since I have been trying lots of different beers lately I will rarely stick to one, but at this point, I am pretty sure I’m even willing to get a case of this and take it to the next party.  This one won’t be around for a long, but I’m pretty certain New Belgium will bring it back next year as well.  Get it now!


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