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A New Beginning

When This All Started:
The original intention of this blog was primarily to keep a personal food/beer&wine/cooking journal that I could access anywhere, anytime.  I got tired of sifting through unorganized emails to myself whenever I had to refer to prior recipes and notes.  I also wanted to muster some courage to share my culinary exploits with the world – however timidly, however amateurishly, but at least with some consistency.  I managed to accomplish all of this during the few months I lived in Montreal back in 2012, but once I left the routine of dancing; teaching; cooking; eating; grocery shopping; cooking; eating, repeat, this blog fell to the wayside.


The green life in Montreal, 2012

My old internal stories about perfectionism and how I presented myself to others and whether my cooking was even worth mentioning crept back in.  I was too busy trying to survive to make time for a blog I figured no one was even reading (truth is, I wasn’t sharing it with anyone).  I found/made less time to cook since I lived back at home with my mom and grandmother, who loved to bring over all the leftovers from her visits to the Buddhist temple.  She also took great pleasure in cooking for me, so my self-sufficiency crept away as my willingness to indulge my grandmother stepped in.  Honestly, I was just plain lazy or didn’t want to make separate trips to the grocery store.

Fast Forward:
I moved across the country to Daly City, CA, just outside of San Francisco just over a month ago.  I brought my car.  I brought my Dad with me for company and to help me with the driving.  I brought two rolling suitcases, two medium-sized containers of personal junk, and my own stainless steel pans (two), industry-grade kitchen knives (two), and one immersion blender.  I planned to do some cooking.


The new backyard (forreal) aka limitless potential, 2014

And indeed, I have been cooking – at home and at work: I landed a job for a chef-oriented catering company.  I have also been dancing: I teach a class every Sunday in Oakland, go out to dance regularly at sessions and parties, and I am performing twice next month.

Now I want to write.  In addition to the above, i.e. cooking/food, art/dance, I’ve come to realize that stories mean a lot to me.  My story.  Your story.  Our story.  This includes our journey, our process; the how, the what, the why and the “where next?”.

To me, food is a story.  If you ask me why I enjoy cooking, there are so many reasons (which I can happily go into when we speak in person).  Primarily, I enjoy cooking because food communicates something about me.  My dietary choices, my eating habits, my dining practices and my ability to share and communicate any part of these things, is part of my identity.  In fact, thinking bigger picture, it is part of my collective culture.  Sidenote: explorations into and the preservation of my Lao food culture soon to be explored.

So, This Is What The Blog Is Morphing Into Now:

The How – which is mostly what already exists on this blog, in the form of “process” and “notes” in regards to recipes, but now I’m going to be recording other personal/internal reflections.  This continues and expounds upon the “personal journal” aspect of this food blog.

The What – more in-depth; or more surface; or more multi-dimensional.  What are the different ways that I see food and cooking?  What are the different ways I approach it?  What do I notice about others and their attitudes about food?  What can I do to change our relationship to food so that it is simple and it makes sense?

The Why – so many reasons, therefore, what are they?  Sometimes I just need to eat something quickly.  Sometimes I want to impress people (ain’t gonna lie).   And sometimes I just want to do it again cause I know how to make it easily without worrying about it coming out wrong.  My Dad has diabetes, so this is yet another reason for my exploration of food, e.g. I found out kasha aka buckwheat is good for diabetics!

The “Where Next” – who knows?  We’ll see as it unfolds…

The story of my relationship with food, cooking; sometimes beer, wine, and entertaining.  I might even throw in some other neat “Life” stuff.  My main concern, first and foremost, is simply to write it.


One comment on “A New Beginning

  1. Setarra
    March 19, 2014

    Yes, yes, yes! I can’t wait to read along and watch your story unfold 🙂

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